Hyundai applies for patent for solid-state battery system

Hyundai wants to patent its version of a solid-state battery system in the USA. The Korean car manufacturer is cooperating with the US company Factorial Energy on the development.

Image: Hyundai

The patent filed by Hyundai for an “all-solid-state battery system provided with pressurising device” describes a solid-state battery system in which the pressure in each cell remains constant regardless of the charging and discharging rates. The supply of a liquid controls the pressure. However, the electrolyte is solid, as usual with solid-state batteries.

Cooperation partner Factorial Energy is known for the development of solid-state batteries. The US company already signed a development agreement with Hyundai-Kia in 2021 and with Mercedes-Benz and Stellantis. In April 2021, the US company announced a 40 Ah cell with solid electrolyte for the first time, which can increase the range of EVs by 20 to 50 per cent. The first results of the test runs were published in July 2021. According to those, a capacity retention rate of 97.3 per cent was achieved for a 40 Ah cell at 25 degrees Celsius after 675 cycles. The company did not provide more recent data.

In a press release from spring 2023, Factorial described its technology, known as “FEST” (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology), as “groundbreaking” because it “offers greater range per charge and increased safety at a comparable cost to conventional lithium-ion batteries.” In addition, it will be possible to use existing lithium-ion battery production facilities for its production.

In October 2023, Factorial opened a development and production facility in Methuen, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. The funds for the construction came, among other things, from a USD 200 million financing round concluded at the beginning of 2022, led by Stellantis and Mercedes-Benz. The new plant will provide space for the assembly of batteries with an annual capacity of up to 200 MWh.

Just recently, Factorial Energy had handed over A-samples of its 100 Ah lithium-metal cells to global OEMs for testing purposes. Although the company did not disclose any names, the three manufacturers mentioned above were undoubtedly among them.,


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