CATL unveils electric CV batteries under new ‘Tianxing’ brand

CATL has announced a new brand called ‘Tianxing’ for electric commercial vehicle batteries and unveiled its first products. The new EV batteries serve the logistics and distribution industry.

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CATL says the Tianxing batteries have energy storage capacities ranging from 30 to 200 kWh, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicles across various industries. The company uses non-heat diffusion technology, double-layer large-surface liquid cooling, and aviation-grade insulation materials for maximum safety. Additionally, the batteries incorporate low-lithium consumption graphite in the anode material and utilise bionic self-healing SEI passivation film technology for a long life.

CATL skips the module level in the Tianxing batteries and uses the advanced cell-to-pack (CTP) method, which allows for higher energy density, reduces weight, and saves costs. The company initially offers two such products in the domestic market – Tianxing L Superfast Charging Edition and Tianxing L Long Range Edition. Both electric CV batteries are for light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and include an 8-year/800,000 km warranty.

The Tianxing L Superfast Charging Edition battery is a 140 kWh unit with an energy density of 155 Wh/kg. It supports 4C charging, which theoretically means it takes only 15 minutes for a full charge. CATL added that this battery can replenish 60% of charging in just 12 minutes.

The Tianxing L Long Range Edition battery is a 200 kWh unit and an energy density of 200 Wh/kg. CATL says it is suitable for medium and long-distance transportation service providers and companies with high-frequency use scenarios that make charging stops inconvenient. They deliver a range of 500 km, allowing customers to transport goods from Hohhot to Beijing non-stop.

CATL says that it is already mass-producing Tianxing L batteries and that these units are present in 21 models in the following 13 companies:

  • Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles
  • Dongfeng Light Vehicle
  • SAIC Maxus
  • SAIC Hongyan
  • Foton Motor
  • JAC Group
  • Jiangling Motors
  • Qingling Motors
  • LiuGong Machinery
  • Yutong Group
  • Shaanxi Tongli
  • DST
  • Lingshi Auto (product announcement in Chinese), (list of companies in Chinese), (in Chinese),


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