Aug 10, 2015 - 08:16 am

ELIPTIC, Philippines, London, Tampa, McDonald's.

Urban e-mobility: EU project ELIPTIC (electrification of public transport in cities) is looking at 23 user cases in 11 cities like Barcelona, London, Bremen, and Warsaw. The findings will be copied by “twin cities” that can receive funding and advice. Interested cities or public transport providers can apply until August 31st.,

The 3,000-trike project in the Philippines goes to Japanese Uzushio Electric and its local partner Bemac Electric Transportation. From five initial bidders, it was the only group that fulfilled requirements for the scheme funded by the Asian Development Bank. 100,000 electric trikes will be introduced on the island by 2017.

twizy-ukTwizy shuttle service: Londoners hit by the recent tube strike had the chance to hitch a ride in a Twizy instead. Renault launched a small fleet to help stranded commuters reach their destination, or at least have some fun trying to get through traffic.

Fly and charge: Tampa International Airport added 12 EV charging stations in its parking garages. This brings the total number of chargers up to 15 that offer 18 charge points altogether.,

Fast-food and charge: McDonald’s has started erecting Rolec charging stations at its locations in Italy. Customers receive a token with their burger that allows them to charge their EV for free for an hour. However, the fast-food chain failed to install fast-chargers.

Aug 7, 2015 - 08:17 am

Norway, Japan, Cornwall, Bolloré.

Norway on track: A member of Norwegian Parliament recently laid out targets for the traffic industry. Already this year, all communal vehicles will become electric, with public transport to follow by 2020. By 2022, all cabs have to run on electricity as well. From there it is only a “small” step until, in 2025, all newly registered private cars shall be electric, too. Today, 20 percent of Norway’s motorised four-wheelers are EVs.,

Japan charges ahead: Together with NEC Corporation, Seven & i Holdings will install 3,380 wall boxes for EV charging at its supermarkets, malls and department stores. From November on, they can be used with charge cards supplied by the Nippon Charge Service.,

Cornwall charged up: The first rapid EV charging station has been installed at the Eden Project in British Cornwall. Another 15 will follow before the end of the summer.

Bolloré goes Cambodia: The French EV sharing service is now offering its services to tourists visiting the country’s ancient Angkor Wat temples. As Blue Solutions, the company signed a 6-month trial contract. The blue cars can be hired for 80 dollars a day.,

Aug 6, 2015 - 08:17 am

Hungary, Prague, UFCEV, UK, Linde.

Hungary privileges electric and hybrid cars as the Eastern European country plans to hand out green license plates by the end of this year. Replacement costs 8,500 forint (about 30 dollars) but that money might buy the right to drive in bus lanes and reduces parking and motorway fees.

Czech electric bus: In Prague, locally built electric buses are being tested and could go into service as early as September. The project is run by Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) and Czech bus manufacturer SOR Libchavy. Via pantograph charging, range can increase from 150 to 260 km.

UFCEV-LadestationFast-charging via battery: The UFCEV (Ultrafast Charging of Electric Vehicles) station, developed by Empa, ETh Zurich and others, is said to charge an EV in just 5 minutes in the future. It is basically a large battery packed in a car trailer. While it takes an hour to charge the 230 V power pack, the battery – made from lithium iron phosphate cells – discharges in currently 20 minutes through charging an EV. (in German), (project’s website)

EV chargers were installed in British Dorset and Weymouth. A total of four fast-charging points can be found in various carparks in the English coastal towns. Rapid charging costs 4 pounds for the first 60 minutes with a pay-as-you-go tariff. The stations were funded by the UK government.

Truly a gas station: Linde opened a hydrogen fuel spot at the Ramos Oil Company station in West Sacramento. It is the first in the United States that has been certified as “officially open,” meaning it can be used just as any other “traditional” pump.



Aug 5, 2015 - 08:02 am

Tesla, Hawaii Electric, Ensto Chago, Kansas City Royals, Supercharger.

Tesla destined for China: The EV maker has found another cooperation partner in Hang Lung Properties. A total of ten Tesla Destination Chargers are to be installed at six of Huang Lung’s shopping malls. Test drives will also be possible.,

EV excess wanted: Utility provider Hawaiian Electric says it will install 25 new EV fast charging stations in Oahu, Maui County and the Big Island. Furthermore, discounted rates will stimulate EV charging when excess energy is available, while also promoting the use of electric cars.

Ensto-ChagoWall-20Billboard charger: Finnish Ensto Chago presents the Chago Wall 2.0. The charging station integrates an advertising space that could generate income to pay for the station, installation and charging. The digital display was developed together with Symbicon.,

Home run: The Kansas City Royals now offer their fans 5 EV charging stations at the Truman Sports Complex. Charging will be free of charge for the first two years thanks to the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority. The stations are part of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network.

Spanish Supercharger update: Tesla now opened the second Supercharger station on Spanish soil. The lot in Tarragona joins the 4-slot spot in Girona (we reported) and thus puts Valencia into reach.

Aug 4, 2015 - 08:23 am

Copenhagen, Paris, Malacca, Amman, Nottingham.

Copenhagen soon fully charged: Utility E.ON says it will install an additional 100 EV charging stations in the Danish capital. The network will thus include 600 stations at 125 locations by September. Copenhagen claims to become a carbon-neutral city by 2025. Outside the city, however, only 1,000 EV charging stations can be found in the country.

Paris is testing Solaris: Parisian public transport provider RATP is testing the Urbino 12 electric bus by Solaris over the coming months. The testing is part of Paris’ plan to electrify its 4,500-strong bus fleet by 2025. Further testing of buses from other providers will follow (we reported).

Malacca goes e-bus: The historic Malaysian city is putting two electric buses into service this August. They will first serve tourists hopping on and off to visit the city’s sites. The fleet will grow to 40 electric buses before the end of the year.

Amman sun-charged: The capital of Jordan announced plans to install about ten solar-powered EV charging station this year already. They will be set up by Net Energy, a company owned by a Jordanian entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley. An agreement with Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has been signed.

Campus charged up: The University of Nottingham acquired nine Kangoo ZE. The electric Renault vans will be used by staff members and make up about 15% of the fleet. Public EV charging stations have been installed on campus with more being planned.

Aug 3, 2015 - 08:20 am

Electricity Supply Board, BYD, China, Northamptonshire Healthcare, NRG EVgo.

Change of charge: Electricity Supply Board (ESB) now controls all EV charge points in Ireland, including the 334 public charge points in Northern Ireland. The move thus unites the network’s servicing in both parts of the island.

Electric bus arrives: Hong Kong received the first of five electric buses by BYD that it had already ordered last August. The single-deck K9R can transport about 70 passengers for about 250 kilometres. It will first be tested before going into service probably later this year.

China charging: The expressways in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei province will be equipped with charging stations. The chargers will connect the so-called Jingjinji region and be installed about every 50 kilometres. More stations will be added along other routes over the next two years.

Healthy transport: Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will make make a carsharing scheme with six electric cars available to the public and staff at Berrywood Hospital in Dunston, Campbell House in Northampton and St. Mary’s Hospital though the E-Car-Club.

Shop & Charge: NRG EVgo installed new EV fast-charging Freedom Stations at two malls in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Owner Simon Malls says that now 12 of their malls in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are equipped with the stations.

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Jul 31, 2015 - 07:32 am

London, eMERGE, Portugal, ChargeForward, New Zealand.

London electric bus update: The British capital reportedly plans to electrify two bus lines this autumn. BYD will be responsible for building the chassis and drivetrain system (including the battery) of all 51 electric buses, while Alexander Dennis Limited will assemble them.,

eMERGE complete: A real world EV trial draws to a close after private and business customers drove 146 smart fortwo EDs more than 1 million km in Berlin, Potsdam and North Rhine-Westphalia. The lowest annual average energy consumption was 10.4 kWh/100 km, the longest range 161 km. Mercedes will now launch the eMERGE2 fleet project with 200 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and plug-in hybrid models.

Update on Portugal: The government in Lisbon reportedly strives to bring down carbon emissions of its fleet. It wants to buy 1,200 EVs and also encourages its more than half a million employees to take to pedalling. We suggest pedelecs to kill two birds with one stone.

The ChargeForward programme by BMW i is about to start in San Francisco. 100 selected BMW i3 drivers will test the practicalities of intelligent charging firsthand over the next 18 months (we reported). BMW i gets support from utility provider Pacific Gas and Electric.

Kiwis to charge publicly: New Zealand’s city of Auckland opened its first two public charging stations. Located in the Downtown Carpark, the two EV charging sites are free for garage users. The stations were installed by Mighty River Power and Auckland Transport.

Jul 30, 2015 - 08:53 am

Chargemaster, Budapest, Welcome Break, Portland General Electric, Caltrans.

Midlands connected: Chargemaster will take over Cenex’s network Plugged-in Midlands (PiM) that includes 870 charge points. They will become part of the Polar network and Chargemaster plans to install another 100 chargers in the region. Additionally, Chargemaster has taken over the Renault partnership from British Gas to install free home chargers for Zoe owners in the UK.,, (Renault)

Budapest electrified: The Hungarian capital’s airport Liszt Ferenc has begun operating its first electric Smart ED. That is just the start, as the airfield fleet is to grow to 100 EVs by 2020, including heavier machines.

Welcome Break: The British gas station firm Welcome Break is now welcomes Tesla drivers onto its sites, installing seven Superchargers at its service stations. Three have already been opened.

Quick charging Portland: Portland General Electric has opened a new facility featuring six charging stations. It includes four universal quick-chargers that can recharge an electric vehicle in 30 minutes.

Charging on sunshine: The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has ordered eleven solar-powered EV chargers from Envision Solar. The order is worth around 750,000 dollars. The EV ARC is a standalone solar-powered charging station that fits inside a parking space.

Jul 29, 2015 - 08:42 am

Supercap, charging standards, Recargo, Green Motion, Hrvatski Telekom.

Supercap buses in China: The first of planned 1,200 electric buses has gone into service in Ningbo, China. The buses feature supercabs, which can be charged within seconds at bus stops. Produced in Ningbo by CSR, the buses are the same that Austrian Graz will be working with from 2016 (we reported).,

Chinese charging standards: The preparation and drafting of China’s new charging standards for electric vehicles have been completed, Gasgoo reports, and will be published sometime next month.

EV advisory: Recargo presents its PlugShare Guide, a PHEV consulting service for the electric vehicle industry, including infrastructure providers. The new division will develop strategies, policies and plans for EV infrastructure, as well as strategies to increase EV uptake.

Fly then move green: British Green Motion expanded its car rental service to Finland. The first station is located near Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport with another one to open at Tampere airfield soon. The company uses green energy vehicles.

Connecting Croatia: Croatian Hrvatski Telekom has opened the first of five EV charging stations at the airport in the Split-Dalmatia County. More stations will be located at hotels and will be connected to the European network via the e-platform.


Jul 27, 2015 - 08:39 am

LA, San Diego, Golden Gate Transit, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Queensland.

Sharing is caring: Los Angeles will kick off a three year carsharing project featuring 100 electric and hybrid vehicles in its low income districts. It will also install more than 100 charging points. The project’s aim is to allow people with lower incomes to use carsharing instead of purchasing a vehicle. The California Air Resources Board funds the initiative with 1.6 million dollars.,,

BYD EVs for San Diego: The U.S. city of San Diego has ordered 50 units of the e6 electric car from Chinese manufacturer BYD. These are intended for airport transfers. (San Diego)

Golden Gate Transit bets on hybrids: The company is looking to order 74 new buses, which will hit the road at the end of 2017. After looking at a score of option, Golden Gate Transit prefers to go with diesel-electric buses, due to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

More electrification in Germany: Germany’s southern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg decided on actions against fine dust and noise. It wants to therefore build up more charging infrastructure and increase the amount of electric cars in its own governmental fleet to 10 percent. It thus hopes to reach its target of 200,000 EVs on its roads by 2020. (in German)

Electric highway: The Australian State of Queensland wants to equip the 1,600 km long “Bruce Highway” with solar-powered fast chargers for electric cars. The first such charging station will be set up in Townsville.

Jul 24, 2015 - 09:05 am

London, Campinas, CCS, Dundee, Portland.

London pushes electrification: Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled the “ULEV delivery plan” including a number of measures to increase EV sales. For example: 150 fast-chargers will be installed by 2018 and 300 electric buses will hit the streets by 2020. The car club industry commits to at least 50 percent plug-ins by 2025 and even the fire department will replace 57 fleet vehicles with hybrids and range extended cars. Moreover, a £65m programme will encourage taxi drivers to switch to electric cars.,, (ULEV delivery plan as pdf)

Electric buses for Brazil: BYD will deliver ten of its K9 12-meter electric buses to Campinas, Brazil. The buses will be used in public transport, making Campinas the first Brazilian city to have zero-emission buses in service.

CCS update: According to CCS Charge Map, Europe now counts more than 1,200 CCS charging stations. In early June the number was still at 1,000 (we reported), a 20 percent increase in six weeks.,

Dundee carsharing extends EV fleet: The scheme, run by Co-wheels, has added six Renault Zoe and one Nissan e-NV200 van to its fleet. The latter is expected to be used especially by local businesses.

Green taxi service: EcoCab is a new taxi service in Portland, Oregon. Its fleet consists of ten Nissan Leaf and three Tesla Model S. EcoCab will test the waters for the coming four months, knowing that in the times of Uber, starting a taxi company is not an easy task.,

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Jul 23, 2015 - 08:33 am

Portugal, Aberdeen, ChargePoint, ClipperCreek, Colorado.

Electrification in Portugal: Portugal’s energy minister Artur Trindade announced that starting in about a month, the government will begin replacing its petrol-powered cars with EVs. Information about the extent of the electrification has not been made public yet., (in Portuguese)

Aberdeen sets record: The city’s Co-wheels Car Club added eight electric cars and three electric vans to its fleet, making it the largest EV fleet for hire in the UK. The cars are Renault Zoe and the vans Nissan e-NV200. The car club now offers a total of 36 cars for hire, 16 of them electric.,

Charger-storage combi: U.S. charging infrastructure provider ChargePoint is working with Green Charge Networks to offer charging stations in combination with batteries. Their first joint customer is Redwood City in California, which already installed five chargers combined with energy storage.,

Affortable charger: ClipperCreek offers a new 40 amp EV charger in the U.S. The HCS-50 includes a 25 metre long charging cable and a three-year-warranty. It is capable of 9.6 kW of output and is available from 835 dollars.,

Colorado funds electrification: The U.S. state of Colorado, the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and Colorado Energy Office (CEO) will provide funding for EVs, as well as charging infrastructure. Applications for “Charge Ahead Colorado” will be accepted until mid-August and must be filed online.,


Jul 22, 2015 - 08:12 am

Kandi, Myles, London, Munich, Proterra, CarCharging.

Kandi signs another big deal: The Chinese carmaker will deliver 1,500 electric vehicles to the city of Luzhou in the southeastern region of the Sichuan province. The city will uses the cars to start its Micro Public Transportation (MPT) program before the end of the year.

EVs for hire: Hiring service Myles has opened 20 new locations in the city of Mumbai, India, allowing customers to rent cars hourly, daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. Myles has 34 car models in its portfolio, including electric vehicles.

Double-trouble in London: Some of the city’s hybrid double-decker buses, that have been on the road since 2012, have been experiencing battery performance problems. That meant the buses were diesel-powered 90 percent of the time. Transport for London admitted that earlier buses had battery problems, but said these batteries had been repaired or replaced at no cost to the taxpayer.

First H2 station with two systems: In Munich, the world’s first hydrogen filling station featuring two refueling technologies has gone online. Next to CGHT technology with 700 bar, it makes use of Cryo-compressed hydrogen storage technology (CCH2) with 350 bar, which is developed by the BMW Group. It offers up to 50 percent more hydrogen storage capacity than 700 bar tanks,

Proterra sells e-buses in California: The cities of Stockton and Porterville each ordered two of Proterra’s Catalyst battery-powered buses. The purchase is funded by the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District and the buses will replace diesel-powered buses currently in use.,

Four chargers for Tennessee: CarCharging and the Hamister Group have installed four Blink EV charging stations at the Fairfield Inn & Suite and MainStay Suites Hotel in Tennessee. The chargers are available to anyone, as they accept payment with any major credit card.,

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Jul 21, 2015 - 08:13 am

CCS, London, Hawaii, Mountain View, Montgomery Country, Auckland.

150 kW CCS-charger planned: Partners of Germany’s fast-charging network SLAM announced that it will be possible to charge with up to 150 kW in the future at key junctions along the country’s motorways. Terms of subsidies have been adjusted accordingly – 50 percent of the cost for the installation of 50 kW chargers and 75 percent of the cost for the preparation of 150 kW chargers will be covered. The first 150 kW chargers are said to go online in two years. (in German only)

London gets first on-street fast-chargers: Hackney Council installed three Tri-Rapid chargers in Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney Central. They are the first publicly accessible on-street fast-chargers in the UK capital which can charge EVs with up to 50 kW.,

Hydrogen shuttles for Hawaii: From autumn, two 25-seater hydrogen buses will shuttle tourists to the Volcanoes national park on the island. Even the “Wiki-Wiki” shuttles at Honolulu Airport could soon be fueled by hydrogen.

New EV charging project approved: The City Council of California’s Mountain View said it will install five new charging stations in the California and Bryant Parking structure, as well as upgrade four stations located at City Hall later this year. The fee is set at 1.50 dollars/an hour for the first two hours and will increase to 5 dollars/hour during peak times.

Serving electric: Montgomery Country police in the U.S. state of Maryland added three Ford Fusion PHEVs to its fleet that will be used to serve civil papers. Three EV chargers have been installed for the cars in the parking garage underneath the Montgomery County Courthouse.

35 chargers for New Zealand: Company Vector wants to install 35 EV charging station across Auckland. Vector has been offering EV drivers free coffee at its two existing stations to pass the time. The new stations will be a mix of fast- and standard-chargers.

Jul 20, 2015 - 08:26 am

San Diego, Delaware, Budapest, Bristol.

30 charging stations is what real estate investment company Emmes Reality Services has set up in its in its public parking garage in downtown San Diego, California. The chargers can be used via the ChargePoint app and are free to use until the end of August.,

Delaware incentivises: The U.S. state earmarked 2.7 million dollars for its Clean Transportation Incentive Program (CTIP). EVs and PHEVs qualify for a 2,200 dollar rebate, while the installation of a charging station will be funded with up to 500 dollars.

Budapest buys electric: The city’s public transportation company BKV wants to buy 20 electric midibuses. A tender runs until the end of next month and the buses are set to be delivered by mid-December. So far, Hungarian company Evo Pro seems to be ahead in the running to secure the bid.

Bristol goes green: Five Nissan Leaf will provide transport for Bristol’s year-long stint as Europe’s Green Capital. The EVs will be used by the Bristol Green Capital 2015 team to deliver a programme of events across the city throughout the year., (with video)


Jul 17, 2015 - 08:16 am

Siemens & FreeWire, Tanger & ChargePoint, Hesperange, DoE.

Free wired: Siemens and FreeWire partner to ultimately commercialise the Mobi Charger. It features 2nd life on-board batteries and Siemens’ eCar Operation Center VersiCharge technology. A three month pilot will run at LinkedIn’s Mountain View campus.,

Shop and Charge: Tanger Factory Outlet Centers teamed up with ChargePoint in the U.S. to install EV charging stations at 23 of its 46 designer outlets. The first 18 locations have been equipped and another five are currently under construction. Solar arrays will be installed as well.

Communal mobility: Hesperange in Luxembourg now offers 18 electric bikes and 4 BMW i3 for rent to tourists and locals alike. The cars can be picked up at stations around the city. Subscriptions range from annual to payment by the hour for pedelecs (2 euros) or per minute (0.35 euros) for an electric car.

Electric CV funding: The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) will release funding for drivetrain electrification for commercial vehicles and dual fuel fleet demonstration. So far, the DOE only stated their intent, in order to enable possible project partners to prepare. The FOA will be issued in August.

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Jul 16, 2015 - 08:45 am

London, DriveNow, BWM, India, Top Rent a Car.

London pushes electrification: Transport for London announced two more bus lines to be served with electric buses. Route 507 and 521 will see 51 electric buses in regular service, starting this autumn. By 2020, all London buses (300 trolleys and 3,000 double deckers) will be electric.,

BMW i3 for DriveNow: The first 100 electric BMW for the German DriveNow carsharing fleet have arrived. They replace the 60 BMW ActiveE that have been operating in Berlin and Munich. 40 BMW i3 go to Berlin and 30 to each Hamburg and Munich. Later in autumn, Cologne and Dusseldorf will follow.,

BMW i3 for Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) in Happy Valley received 19 BMW i3. Furthermore, 12 new Pro Wall Box electric vehicle chargers will be set up on the club’s premises. BMW used the occasion to announce the installation of the first BMW i fast-charging station at a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Electric buses in India: The state of Maharashtra plans to introduce 50 to 60 electric or hybrid buses in various cities by December. The move would be part of the FAME initiative that aims to get India moving more ecologically.

Electrification in Auckland: The city’s council has begun replacing gas guzzlers with (partially) electrified cars, adding two Nissan Leaf and eight Toyota Prius to its 800 vehicle-strong fleet. Officials want to electrify 40 percent of the fleet in the next 20 years.

Twizy to rent: Top Rent a Car from Bulgaria now carries 10 Twizy in its fleet. During the summer, they will be available at beach resorts before being moved to the capital Sofia in autumn. Charging is free at Top Rent a Car locations, as well as public chargers.

Jul 15, 2015 - 08:45 am

Kandi, Indianapolis, Car Charging Group, Electric Highway.

Kandi sells: The Chinese manufacturer signed a deal with Zhejiang Shi Kong Electric Vehicle, which will acquire more than 4,000 Kandi EV to resell them online. Another 2,000 vehicles will be delivered to the Chinese city of Kunming to be used in Micro Transportation. (Zhejiang), (Kunming)

Indianapolis’ first electric buses are rolling through the city’s streets. They are run by the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo), which aims to have 21 electric coaches funded by a TIGER grant by the year’s end. Maybe it will help BlueIndy get some love, too.,

Charged if charged: The American Car Charging Group will enforce a new de-ICEing policy – this time for EV drivers. Everyone leaving their car at a charger for more than 15 minutes after being fully charged will have to pay 8 cents/minute. The new rule will be put in place starting Monday.

Electric flyway: Both Birmingham and Liverpool Airport now offer fast-charging and have became part of the Electric Highway in Great Britain. They are the first aerodromes to join the network, set up by green utility provider Ecotricity.

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Jul 14, 2015 - 07:36 am

Chargemaster, Ikea, efficiency house, eMotion.

Chargemaster expands: The infrastructure provider wants to install 2,000 new charge points, half of them in London. Many will replace old chargers, while around 600 will be entirely new locations. Another 300 chargers currently controlled by Bolloré will also be transferred to Chargemaster’s own POLAR network later this year, which currently includes a total of 4,000 charging stations.

Ikea charges ahead: The Canadian branch announced that it will install two 60-amp chargers at all of its 12 locations in the country by the end of August. The stations will be free and supposedly compatible with all EVs sold in Canada. Canadian energy firm Sun Country Highway is in charge of the installation.,

Europe’s biggest efficiency house opens: The building located in Frankfurt includes 24 apartments, 1,330 solar panels and electric carsharing. The EVs are powered with energy from the building’s own energy storage system. It is supposed to set new standards for energy efficient living. (in German)

eMotion Zurich draws to a close: As part of a pilot project, 16 people and companies switched to EVs one year ago – not only driving themselves, but also renting out the car. The result: the vehicles drove a total of 100,000 kilometers and 94 percent of users were happy with the carsharing platform Sharoo. (in German)

Jul 13, 2015 - 08:27 am

Mitsubishi, EDF, Forsee Power, and PSA Peugeot Citroën, EV parking, Electric Highway, e-bus.

2nd life project: Mitsubishi is joining forces with EDF, Forsee Power, and PSA Peugeot Citroën to set up a demonstration project for deploying used EV batteries in energy storage. The partners will look at energy management practices based on electricity storage, charging and generation technology with i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero batteries.,

Park only when you charge: British Bedford is cracking down on non-electric cars parking in front of charging stations, ordering its wardens to hand out tickets. Irish Limerick is only setting up six of such sole EV parking spaces but might soon be forced to do the same. (Bedfordshire),

Electric Highway: Australia’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) is going ahead with its Electric Highway Plan in Western Australia. Six EV fast-charging stations have been erected, another six will follow. Charging is free of charge until the end of the year.

From Australia comes a prototype of a 50 seater electric bus. Transit, the Australian company behind it, hopes to produce locally but partners with the Malaysian government that already invested 170 million dollars in infrastructure based on the new bus.

EV incentives limited: Washington State extended its plug-in vehicle tax breaks for another year but plans to exclude electric cars that cost more than 35,000 dollars. That means Tesla, as well as the BMW i3 would then have to be paid in full. The bill has yet to be signed.

Jul 10, 2015 - 08:52 am

DriveNow, Ikea, Seattle City Light, Nissan Leaf.

DriveNow will deploy 400 i3 in Copenhagen, German Wirtschaftswoche has learned. The electric BMW will be roaming the Danish capital from September in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn subsidiary Arriva. It would be the biggest electric rental fleet worldwide. (in German)

Ikea fully charged: All 12 Ikea stores in Canada will be equipped with charging stations, the Swedish furniture company announced. The roll out will be completed by the end of August and will offer SCH-60 Level 2 60-amp charging stations by Sun Country Highway. Charging will be free.

Charge as you are: Seattle’s utility, Seattle City Light, will introduce Smart Charging together with the Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab). The programme will include commercial as well as residential customers and a pilot will be rolled out in the next couple of months.

Try before you buy: St. Alban now has an electric taxi service and a fast charging station. As part of the Electric Blue project, the car allows taxi companies to test working with a Nissan Leaf. Reduced rates, advice and a free home charging units are part of the package.

Jul 9, 2015 - 08:30 am

France, CO2 emission, U.S. Navy, Tasmania, Nissan.

Unity decreed: France will unify electric vehicle charging within its borders, as the government plans to impose interoperability on all charging networks by the end of the year. Bollore, EDF, Renault, and others already created the Afirev association for network interoperability. The Gireve platform serves as a platform for data exchange and payments.

En route to reduction: Transport & Environment found Nissan to be ahead in reducing CO2 emissions of its fleet, reaching 115g CO2/km in 2014. Peugeot Citroën, Volvo, Toyota, and Daimler are also ahead of schedule to reach the 95g target by 2021. So why all the whining?

Navy EV strategy: The Navy plans to lease about 300 to 600 electric passanger vehicles for its military corps in California. To better understand what that means, it will hold an interactive EV leasing discussion with industry partners a week from Tuesday (July 21st)., (Forum)

Charging Tasmania: In a white paper, the local government suggests increasing EV uptake through incentives and in its own fleet, especially since the cars could double as energy storage. However, critics see the region lacking far behind in infrastructure. (intentions), (comment)

Happy meal: In the Welsh Torfaen County Borough, five electric Nissan e-NV200 vans are now delivering hot meals and tea to 175 residents on a daily basis. The EVs replace a fleet of old diesel cars, previously used by the Community Meal service.

Jul 8, 2015 - 08:29 am

SMMT, ChargePoint, Bosch, Tesla, China.

UK market electrified: In June, Brits bought 2,284 plug-in vehicles, 909 of which were purely electric. Most of them were Leafs. SMMT confirmed that Nissan now holds a 63.3% market share. No wonder the plug-in car grant could reach its 50,000 limit before the end of the year, since 34,126 cars have already been registered. (June), (Nissan), (Plug-In Grant)

Home charger via Amazon: ChargePoint will make its EV charger for domestic appliances available via the online retail giant later this summer. On Amazon, prices for the station range from 400 – 749 dollars, depending on power level, installation type and cord length.

Bosch fast charger via GM: Bosch has introduced the Power DCPlus DC fast-charger in the U.S., where it will cost less than 10,000 dollars. It has the SAE J1772 DC Combo connector and charges with 24 kW. It can be ordered through GM’s Dealer Equipment Program and is ChargePoint enabled.

End of free charging for Tesla in China? A sign next to a destination charger in Beijing indicates a utility and service fee of up to 15 yuan (about 2,50 dollars). Presumably, only third-party vehicles will be charged, as the last line on the the sign reads that charging is open to other brands. However, Tesla has not confirmed or clarified the information. (in Chinese) via via

Charge lot reserved: The Chinese cites of Shanghai and Guangzhou require newly built residence buildings to reserve 10% and 18% for EV charging on the parking lot, respectively. In Beijing, a similar regulation also includes public sites, as the third Beijing car lottery just authorised 6,454 people to drive EVs.

Jul 7, 2015 - 08:43 am

PlugSurfing, Nissan,Supercharger.

PlugSurfing update: The Berlin-based start-up has issued an updated version of its app for both iOS and Android. Apart from the usual charge and pay functionality, design improvements have been made. Furthermore, charging can now be initiated via smartphone.

Rent a Leaf: Hertz’s fleet in Berlin now includes the Nissan Leaf, which can be rented at six locations. Hertz made the decision to test the offer, as the German capital now has 180 charging stations. The hiring service also added the Leaf to selected locations in London recently. (in German)

Superchargers go south: Tesla has opened the first Supercharger station in Spain, in the city of Girona. Barcelona thus is in reach and connected to the rest of Europe. The next charger is located in French Narbonne. Another station has been erected in Italian Aosta. (in German), (in Spanish)

Nissan is expanding free charging, making its No Charge To Charge programme available in Boston. The East Coast city is the 17th market to join and the Japanese carmaker intends to bring its incentivising scheme to a total of 25 areas in the U.S. before the year’s end.

Jul 6, 2015 - 08:32 am

Charge Amps, Supercharger, Kodi, Dubai.

Considerate charge cable: Charge Amps has launched the RAY cable for Type 2 electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. Featuring a built-in temperature sensor in the wall-plug, RAY will gradually reduce charging power in case it senses increased heat.

Supercharger etiquette: Following the lead of its CEO, Tesla has amended communications on Superchargers online, stressing that they are primarily intended for long-distance travel, as local use increased. The company said that there was no change in policy, however.,

Update: As Korea plans to install 100,000 charge points aided by a mobile charger of Powercube (we reported), a competitor emerges. Kodi also wants to offer a mobile charger with 3.3 kW that costs less than 1,000 dollars a piece but adds smartphone functionality. via

Charging Dubai: The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) will install 100 EV charging stations in the desert state. While it will charge its recently ordered 8 Nissan Leaf there, the stations are open to the public. Some will offer fast-charging.

Jul 3, 2015 - 08:29 am

Berlin, Supercharger, Hoetwon Trolley, GKN Hybrid Power, Govecs, Gridscape Solutions.

Electric buses in Berlin: Four electric buses have been presented by the BVG, the German capitals public transport authority. They will serve on line 204 after the summer as part of the showcase region Berlin. The Solaris Urbino 12 electric feature electric motors by Vossloh Kiepe and charged inductively via the PRIMOVE system by Bombardier. The project is funded by the German Ministry of Transport with 4.1 million euros. (in German), (pictures)

Dense charging: With now eight Supercharger stations in Hong Kong, offering 36 spots for Tesla drivers, the metropolis has the highest density of charging opportunities in the world, the Californian EV maker said. And most owners there live within 20 minute drive from a Supercharger.

Texas electric: San Antonio is thinking about buying 80 e-trolleys from Hometown Trolley within the next 18 months. The electric vehicles can carry between 24 and 34 people. The city is ready to spend 80 million dollars – including on at least five inductive charging stations.

KERS bus update: GKN Hybrid Power has hit the mass market with its flywheel system for buses. It has been asked to retrofit 750 buses in the UK with its technology that is says, will result in up to 20 percent fuel savings (we reported).

150 electric scooters are being shipped to the U.S. West Coast. Scooter sharing provider Scoot Networks from San Francisco ordered the Bavarian-build Govecs, also because of its ability to integrate Scoot Network’s software for its free floating application directly. (in German)

Remote monitoring: Gridscape Solutions has chosen machine data analyst Glassbeam to remotely monitor and service its over 400 EV charging stations. Gridscape thus hopse to streamline its service, while decreasing maintenance costs and gathering data.

Jul 2, 2015 - 08:43 am

Toyota, Honda, Nissan, ChargeMaster, Posten Norge, NRG EVgo.

Toyota, Honda and Nissan have agreed on the details of their joint H2 infrastructure efforts in Japan. They will cover one third of the installation and service effort, although support is limited to 11 million yen (89,000 dollars) per station/year until 2020. They also agreed to support infrastructure companies.

British charging connection: ChargeMaster has acquired GB Electrical, that specialises in the installation and service of charging stations. The move is designed to improve services further.

Norwegian EV update: The 300 Renault Kangoo ZE recently acquired by Posten Norge come with a little twist. To ensure smooth mail delivery even in fierce winter conditions, the electric vans are equipped with a little extra heater powered by fossil fuels. Surely, it is the lesser of two evils.

Quiet growth: NRG EVgo has become the biggest fast-charging network over the last month. It now operates more than 350 DC charging stations in 19 markets all over the USA. As of May 2015, it has over four times more CHAdeMO and CCS fast chargers than any other public network and intends to expand into seven more markets before the end of the year.

Local car sharing: The my-e-car sharing service in the German town of Lörrach offers 40 Renault. The rental cars in South Baden are now backed up with 50 EV compact fast-charging stations provided by Swarco, which can also be used by other EV drivers.

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Jul 1, 2015 - 08:40 am

London, Global Clean Bus Declaration, Tesla, NHS.

The world’s first electric double decker will go into service in London this autumn. Up to five of this new BYD model will serve on line 16 in the British capital and join another eight single deckers already in service. Furthermore, line 312 will become London’s first all-electric bus line later this year.,

Urban decarbonisation: Amsterdam, Lima, Catalonia (Barcelona) and Rome signed the Global Clean Bus Declaration in London, promising to decarbonise public transport until 2020. The number of signatories thus grows to 24. Bus manufacturers like BYD and Daimler as well as the World Bank also take part in the initiative.

Tesla tease: The Californian carmaker has published a clip announcing the European Supercharger Rally that will see Model S drivers from all over Europe heading to Amsterdam, while charging on the way. The rally will run from the 2nd to the 4th of July. Join, if you are in for a trip on short notice.,

NHS switched on: The National Health Service in Scottish Fife introduced two Nissan e-NV200 Electric Vehicles, which will be operated from hospitals. The lease is funded through the ‘Switched on Fleets’ initiative run by Transport Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Jun 30, 2015 - 08:13 am

Hyundai, Yeoju, Electric Circuit, Charge Ahead.

Charging Korea pt. 1: Hyundai agreed with POSCO on the installation of 120 EV charging stations. Hyundai will install the units this year, while POSCO will service and operate the stations. Additionally, Hyundai will install 121 charging stations at its centres across Korea. Eventually, all 2,200 locations will have EV chargers.,

Charging Korea pt. 2: The Korean city of Yeoju has installed four EV charging stations. The stations are free to use with charging time being four to five hours.

Electric Circuit widened: Two more fast-chargers have been installed in Quebec, Canada. Supported by Nissan and Hydro-Québec, they are part of the Electric Circuit initiative, which plans to erect 50 fast-charging stations across the region by the end of 2016.,

Charging California: The city of Campbell in California has installed four electric vehicle charging stations funded by the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project. The dual-charging stations allow multiple vehicles to charge at a time and bring the total number of public charging stations in the city up to 15.

100 BMW i3 will be incorporated into the DriveNow fleet, first in Berlin, German Wirtschaftswoche reports. The electrification is due in July and will be successively rolled out to other German cities like Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. More details will only follow by mid-July. (in German)

Jun 29, 2015 - 08:21 am

eMio, Tesla, California, eMotorWerks, Massachusetts

150 electric scooters to share: The Berlin-based start-up eMio will roll out the second stage of its electric scooter sharing service in Berlin. Funded by the VC Fonds Technologie, as well as by two private investors, 150 electric scooters will be available by the end of July. 20 of the emco scooters are already on the street. eMio also plans to expand into other German and southern European cities. (in German)

Social rebates: Low income buyers in California are now eligible for an extra 1,500 dollar rebate when buying an EV, while incentives for high income buyers are scrapped. People earning less than 48,000 dollars a year (singles) or 73,000 dollars (family of four) are eligible for 4,000 dollars for BEVs, 3,000 for PHEVs and 6,500 for FCVs. People earning more than 340,000 dollars annually will no longer receive any funding.

Tesla big(ger) in Japan: Eight new service centres will open in Japan this year, the electric carmaker announced. Until now, Japanese Tesla drivers relied on the country’s only service station located in Yokohama.

Eco juice: A new WattTime software helps eMotorWerks’ charging station called JuiceBox choose the greenest power to charge an electric car. The programme analyses the grid in real time to identify when the cleanest electricity is available and schedules charging sessions accordingly.

Electric city fleet: New Bedford in Massachusetts has leased ten Nissan Leaf, allowing it to retire ten older cars. The electric vehicles will be used by Health Department inspectors to travel around the city. The local government also plans to erect more charging stations.,

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