VW to gear up Emden factory for electric car production


Volkswagen is thinking to transform their Emden plant in Germany into an electric vehicle only factory. The next board meeting will decide about the next decade’s investments and large scale electrification is on top of the agenda. The option to build a battery cell factory there as well is on the table too.

Volkswagen is yet another carmaker getting ready for volume production of electric cars and other EVs. BMW lately set an example as they earmarked billions for preparing their manufacturing facilities in Dingolfing for increased EV production, including electric drive systems and batteries.

VW has not specified their plans yet but the German Handelsblatt reports, EV production being on top of the list for the next board meeting scheduled for mid-November. The Emden factory has been mentioned by people close to the matter saying it could become Volkswagen’s second EV-only factory once the conversion of the Zwickau plant concludes next year.

The plans for Emden go even further though as the town has been mentioned as a location for a planned cell production together with SK Innovation at “Gigafactory” scale. While this is not confirmed, reports suggested two weeks ago that Volkswagen could set up a number of large battery cell plants in Germany.

The rumour has gained traction again, especially since Bernd Osterloh, head of the VW Union said that production in Emden could be powered carbon-neutrally due to a large wind park out in the North Sea that is nearby. However, VW leadership said that to cover the cost of setting up and running a new cell production would require “massive political support”.

But Emden is but one topic Volkswagen executives need to think about. Also their commercial vehicle business awaits investment and changes. The segment is up for electrification as well and sources close to the company speak of a plan to gradually gear up their factory in Hanover to incorporate electric vehicle production.

handelsblatt.com (original source, in German)


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