Norway: Siemens opens battery factory for ships

Siemens has opened an “advanced robotized and digitized” battery module factory in Trondheim, where 55 battery modules will be assembled per shift for  marine and offshore markets. The factory comprises a line with eight robot stations and a capacity of up to 300 MWh per year.

The batteries running off the assembly line consist of nine modules, each of which in turn consists of 28 cells. According to the company, assembly is completely automated from unpacking the incoming production parts to testing the finished battery module. “We expect this market to grow significantly in the future. That is why we have invested in the development of safe and reliable battery solutions,” says Bjørn Einar Brath, Head of Offshore Solutions at Siemens.

Until now, Norwegian companies have led the way in the electrification of shipping. But, as Brath added: “We also see interest in such solutions outside Norway. The new battery factory will therefore also serve an international market.” In Trondheim, Siemens has already established themselves as a competence centre for electrical and hybrid solutions in recent years. With serial production on site, the company is now taking their next major step.

So far, the market has been largely driven by electric ferries, Siemens outlines, but fishing boats, workboats for aquaculture and offshore factories also offer great potential for the future. The factory recently received its first order for the assembly of batteries for use on a Northern Drilling oil rig. According to Siemens, the plant named West Mira will be the first of its kind to be operated with a modern battery solution.


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