Ebusco delivers electric buses in Germany & Denmark

In the last week, the Dutch electric bus company Ebusco delivered a total of 25 electric buses to Transdev in Frankfurt and to Nobina in Copenhagen. Another two electric buses were handed over to Stadtwerke München, while a large order has been confirmed in Berlin.

In Denmark, public transport operator Nobina will now utilise the 13 Ebusco 2.2s electric buses that were ordered in March this year and that Ebusco has now handed over in Copenhagen. The 13 buses are the first of a total of four orders, comprising a total of 79 electric buses. Nobina has also ordered a number of Ebusco 150 kW charging columns that can charge one bus with 150 kW or two buses with 75 kW each.

In Germany, three different major cities are making use of Ebusco electric buses. In Frankfurt, twelve Ebusco 2.2s that were ordered in May last year, have now been handed over to Transdev. Some examples of the twelve-meter-long low-floor bus have already been on the road in Frankfurt am Main since 2020, and the same model was also part of a second order to convert further lines. According to Ebusco, Transdev chose the buses because of their long range, as no intermediate charging and infrastructure are required. In 2019, Ebusco first unveiled the 3.0 generation of lighter buses that are able to manage a longer range because of their lighter weight. Here Ebusco says: “The Ebusco 3.0 has a lightweight composite body based on aerospace technology. This composite material is significantly lighter and stronger, giving the bus a substantially longer, single-charge, range of up to 575 kilometres and a longer estimated average life span.”

Further south in Germany, Ebusco has handed over the first two next-generation Ebusco 3.0 electric buses to Stadtwerke München. The vehicles, which are manufactured in the Netherlands, will be used on Line 100 in downtown Munich. “It is fantastic that our 3.0 bus is now really going into operation. In 2019 we presented the prototype and now, after the recent official road approval, we have delivered the first Ebusco 3.0 buses to our customer,” said Ebusco CEO Peter Bijvelds, who personally travelled to Munich for the handover.

Munich already has twelve Ebusco 2.2s in operation, so SWM has experience with the manufacturer. “Bringing these innovative new Ebusco 3.0 buses into operation takes us one step further towards our goal of almost completely converting our bus fleet to electric buses in the coming 10 years,” said Veit Bodenschatz, member of the Executive Board and head of Munich bus operations SWM/MVG. “After the good experiences with Ebusco’s 2.2 buses, we look forward to taking the next step with this next generation bus, thereby contributing to the energy transition and a cleaner living environment in Munich.”

Up north in Germany’s capital, Berlin’s public transport operator BVG confirmed it has ordered 90 more electric buses from Ebusco. The buses were ordered earlier this month, but the manufacturer could not be announced because of the required objection period. The 90 Ebusco 2.2s are to be delivered in 2022. In addition, the contract includes an option to order a further 60 Ebusco 2.2s by one year after delivery of the first bus. “We are delighted to welcome BVG as our client and to be selected to contribute to BVG’s transition to an entirely zero-emission bus fleet. As the largest public transport operator, BVG plays a pioneering role in transitioning the German public transport market to climate-neutral solutions,” says Bijvelds.

ebusco.com (Frankfurt & Copenhagen), ebusco.com (Munich), ebusco.com (confirmation of Berlin order)


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