Victoria supports H2 transport infrastructure pilots

In the Australian state of Victoria, the government has backed studies and trials for the use of green hydrogen (made from renewables) for use in heavy transport. The funding of 7 million Australian dollars (4.43 million euros) should help support refuelling stations and the development of fuel cell electric buses among other things.

For the development of hydrogen fuel cell buses, the Australian bus manufacturer Volgren has been awarded $1.8 million Australian dollars. Trials of the buses are to be conducted in the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong as part of the public bus network.

In other projects, hydrogen refuelling stations are to be built. One of these will be built in the city of Geelong by the petrol station and oil refinery operator Viva. The refuelling station will be one of the company’s first ‘New Energies Service Stations’, that will be publicly accessible and designed to support both the refuelling of hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles well as charging points for battery electric vehicles. The hydrogen refilling station will be located near the company’s refinery in Geelong and will be used to refuel two of the company’s fuel-cell trucks.

In another project, this time supported by a government grant of $1.5 million, Air Liquide and Energys Australia are to develop renewable hydrogen production facilities for transport with the capacity to produce 130 tonnes of renewable hydrogen annually. The hydrogen will supply the logistical hub of Altona, making a supply of renewable hydrogen available so that participants across the gas, transport, and industrial sectors can explore the viability of hydrogen fuel alternatives

Other pilot projects and studies include a hydrogen-powered crematorium, and several projects working on business case development or feasability studies with the Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund, as well as an Australian-first −solar-renewable hydrogen standalone power system to generate electricity during power outages or in remote areas that are not served by the grid.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said: “Victoria’s support for renewable hydrogen sector will create new jobs while we drive down emissions across our economy by funding the infrastructure and innovation required to accelerate this change.”,,


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