Magna launches production for ID.4 drive system in China


Magna has started serial production of the electric drive system for the VW ID.4 in China. Specifically, it is the drive unit with 80 kW peak power for the front axle of the all-wheel-drive version ID.4 GTX.

The unit not only contains the electric motor (an asynchronous machine), but also integrates the single-speed gearbox, the inverter and the corresponding control system and software. It is not clear from the press release which quantities of the front-drive unit Magna subsidiary HASCO Magna Electric Drive Systems (HME) is building and supplying to VW.

Magna explicitly mentions only tthe ID.4, which until now has only been available as a GTX with all-wheel drive and a second electric motor on the front axle. At the same time, however, HME confirms that it is the global supplier for the secondary drive unit of all all-wheel-drive MEB models with an output of more than 185 kW. The GTX models of ID.4 and ID.5 produce 220 kW, and the Audi Q4 e-tron and Skoda Enyaq have two all-wheel-drive variants: with 195 and 220 kW. Accordingly, all these models rely on Magna’s front-axle drive.

Magna states that the drive unit is based on Magna’s own electric drive platform, but has been specially optimised for use as a secondary drive unit on the front axle. It says the drive unit is not only cost-efficient, but also meets a wide range of requirements for global use.

“This is Magna’s most recent, high-voltage eDrive system to be industrialized for serial production, and we are excited to make it available to the global market,” said Tom Rucker, president of Magna Powertrain. He said he was proud of the order and to see the first vehicles on the market. HME President Haitao Zhang adds, “As a leading eDrive systems supplier in China, we are proud to support our customers across the globe in their transition toward new energy vehicles.”

The 150 kW electric drive systems for the rear axle of the ID.4 are produced by Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel. It is not clear from the announcement where the front-drive units of the all-wheel-drive models delivered so far come from. With mass production in China, however, VW seems to be preparing for increasing unit numbers across the MEB models.


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