Connect Bus orders 47 Ebusco e-buses for Sweden

Dutch electric bus manufacturer Ebusco has been contracted by Connect Bus to supply 47 electric buses for use in Sweden. The buses are to be delivered at the end of 2023 and operated by the public transport service Länstrafiken Kronoberg in Växjö, Sweden.

The 47 electric buses will be made up of 29 Ebusco 3.0 12-metre buses and 18 Ebusco 3.0 18-metre buses. The Ebusco 3.0 is the Dutch company’s latest model, unveiled in 2019. The 3.0 features a lightweight chassis that enables the vehicle a greater range.

The contractor, Connect Bus, primarily operates in both Sweden and Norway, providing public transport services, school bus services and special transport for municipalities and transport authorities. Ebusco says that its customer stems from a merger of two Swedish and four Norwegian companies and currently has approximately about 2,600 vehicles in operation.

Ebusco buses have been seeing a lot of custom recently – most particularly in Nordic countries. A few days ago, Ebusco received an order from the public transport operator Nobina for 76 Ebusco 3.0 electric buses, which are to be used in the Oslo area from the end of 2023.

The company’s earlier model, the Ebusco 2.2, is still on offer and still garnering new orders. For example, 90 examples of the 2.2 model are currently under order in Berlin, Germany, with options for many more within the next 12 months.

Ebusco buses have so far seen most orders in the other Nordic country, Denmark, which has seen the majority of Nobina’s orders for Ebusco buses.

The Dutch company has been by no means limited to northern Europe. In July this year, Ebusco scored its first electric bus contract in Spain. The same month, the company announced plans to build buses in France. The new Ebusco factory there is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023 and will have an initial capacity of 500 buses per year – with the option to later expand its size and capacity at this location.


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