Renault Trucks delivered one quarter of all electric trucks in Europe

Renault Trucks says it has achieved a market share of 24.2 per cent in the medium- and heavy-duty electric truck segment in Europe in 2022. Specifically, the Volvo Group-owned manufacturer sold 379 units of the E-Tech D and E-Tech D Wide models in Europe last year.

This is according to a company release, which also publishes a figure for France in addition to the market share in Europe. In its home market, Renault Trucks sold as much as 75 per cent of the medium and heavy-duty electric trucks sold there last year. The manufacturer had announced the production of its 1,000th medium-duty BEV truck in Blainville-sur-Orne in October 2022. In addition, Renault Trucks plans to start production of heavy-duty e-trucks at its Bourg-en-Bresse plant at the end of 2023. These are the Renault Trucks E-Tech T for regional distribution transport and the Renault Trucks E-Tech C for urban construction transport.

In addition to the electric trucks, Renault Trucks also sold 268 E-Tech Master electric transporters in 2022. In total, the French manufacturer says it has received more than 1,700 orders for electric vehicles up to and including 2022. By 2030, 50 per cent of the vehicles sold by Renault Trucks will be purely electric. From 2040 onwards, Renault Trucks will only launch trucks that are 100 per cent free of fossil fuels.

But back to the 2022 market share in Europe: Just recently, Volvo Trucks, also a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, had published its sales statistics for the past year. The manufacturer gave a European market share of 32 per cent. However, only in the field of heavy electric trucks, the number of registrations of which is expected to have reached 1,041 units in Europe in 2022. Renault Truck’s above market share refers to medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Recent new customers for Renault Trucks include logistics company XPO in France (100 electric trucks ordered), the city of Barcelona (73 electric trucks for waste disposal and street cleaning), Coca-Cola (30 electric trucks in Belgium) and service provider Sepur, which recently put 18 Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide into service for waste disposal in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Renault Trucks announced the contract with XPO Logistics in mid-January. It was said at the time to be the “largest order for electric trucks for Renault Trucks in France to date”. From the large order, 65 E-Tech D electric trucks have been firmly ordered. The other 35 units of the same type are waiting for confirmation next year. The 16- and 19-tonne trucks are to be stationed at 28 XPO locations in France and used to transport palletised goods. The contract is said to be worth 30 million euros.


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