Reach Now adds Tier electric kick scooters to its app


Moovel, the joint venture of Daimler and BMW that will soon be Reach Now, is collaborating with Tier Mobility to expand its multimodal mobility app to include electric kick scooters. It remains unclear, what this means for the companies‘ own scooter brand Hive.

Tier’s electric kick scooters are already available in fifteen German cities via the Reach-Now app, specifically in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Heidelberg, Cologne, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Munich and Münster.

Tier Mobility relies heavily on such cooperations: The electric vehicles can also be booked via Sixt Share, the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund and soon also via the BVG app Jelbi. In the Reach-Now app, Tier’s offer is just one way of getting from A to B. The app also offers a number of other options from BMW’s and Daimler’s pool such as Car2go, Drive Now and Free Now (formerly myTaxi), and car-sharing cars can also be booked and billed there.

“With the integration into the Reach Now App, we are taking the next big step towards linking Tier micromobility with public transport,” says Lawrence Leuschner, Managing Director of Tier Mobility. For Ulrich Edelmann, Chief Strategy Officer of the Moovel Group, the inclusion of electric kick scooters offers users “a seamless door-to-door mobility experience”.

Strategically, however, the Tier integration also raises questions for Moovel. Since last year, the company has been testing a similar service in Southern Europe under the Hive brand. So why include the competition in the Reach-Now offer? “The cooperation with TIER is another milestone on our way to a globally leading, open MaaS platform,” Moovel told media representatives in response to this question. In addition, one can book the Tier scooters only in Germany using Reach Now.

Hive offers its electric scooters in six European cities, including Lisbon. In Germany, there have only been small test runs in Munich and Hamburg so far. Whether the service will also come to Germany in view of the current hype is still open – according to the report, this also applies to the cooperation with Tier, should Hive enter the German market.

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