Partners pledge to implement Plug&Charge across Europe


Major players such as BMW AG, Groupe Renault, Stellantis, Tritium and Volkswagen AG, and Shell, bp, and Total, have agreed to implement Plug&Charge as standardised by ISO before the second half of this year. A dedicated project team at CharIN is to drive the implementation.

The joint project ‘Plug and Charge Europe’ is to set up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a technology needed to enable secure authentication and authorisation via Plug and Charge per ISO 15118. CharIN will serve as operator and provider of required services says it guarantees a level playing field for operating the PKI across all stakeholders.

When announcing the new task force, the CCS initiative said the project team had become necessary because the widespread implementation of Plug and Charge had otherwise been hindered, an issue we covered in-depth before. The organisation claims “missing consensus and unity among the industry as well as the pending standardization of key elements” as the main reasons for the delay.

Plug&Charge allows automated communication and billing processes between the electric vehicle and the charging station without RFID cards or charging apps. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) had defined the necessary interfaces in the ISO standard 15118 for some time, but only some manufacturers have so far enabled the functionality, including Tritium as reported. This makes Ionity charging stations ready for people to plug and play (or charge without further ado) only you’d need to drive a Porsche Taycan to be able to do so.

The ‘Plug&Charge Europe’ project may change that. The team currently consists of 15 active members, namely BMW AG, bp, ElaadNL, EDF, EnBW, Groupe Renault, IBIL, Ingeteam, innogy eMobility Solutions, Porsche AG, Shell Global Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Stellantis, Total, Tritium and Volkswagen AG, and additional supporters as mentioned above. CharIN expects further international automotive companies to join in aiming for a Europe-wide rollout, which includes charge point operators, technology and mobility service providers being invited as partners. Technology consultancy P3 automotive GmbH manages the project and stresses the partners are committed to implementing the neutral PKI for Plug and Charge by the second half of this year.


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