CATL outgrows the battery competition


CATL was the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric cars for the fifth consecutive year in 2021, according to figures from market research firm SNE Research. With an installed capacity of 96.7 gigawatt-hours, CATL achieved a 32.6 per cent share of the global market for lithium-ion car batteries in 2021.

The podium is entirely Asian, but not purely Chinese: LG Energy Solution came second with a 20.3 per cent market share and a total capacity of 60.2 GWh, according to the evaluation. Panasonic is third with an installed capacity of 36.1 GWh and a market share of 12.2 percent.

However, this also means that the top three already have a combined market share of 65.1 per cent with 193 GWh of installed capacity. According to SNE Research, the total market was 296.8 GWh at the end of the year – twice as much as a year ago. Specifically, growth was 102.3 per cent.

Manufacturer Production capacity 2021 (in GWh) Market share(in %) Rank
CATL 96.7 32.6 1
LG Energy Solution 60.2 20.3 2
Panasonic 36.1 12.2 3
BYD 26.3 8.8 4
SK On 16.7 5.6 5
Samsung SDI 13.2 4.5 6
CALB 7.9 2.7 7
Gotion High-Tech 6.4 2.1 8
AESC 4.2 1.4 9
SVOLT 3.1 1.0 10

Source: SNE Research

While the podium is mixed, the growing market power of Chinese manufacturers is evident in the places behind them: a total of five Chinese manufacturers are placed in the top 10. BYD came in 4th place with 26.3 GWH or 8.8 per cent market share. CALB (7th), VW partner Gotion High-Tech (8th) and SVOLT Energy Technology in tenth place also made it into the top 10.

SVOLT recorded the fastest growth, with turnover increasing more than fivefold last year. The biggest capacity increases, however, can be attributed to CATL and BYD, which both increased their installed production capacity by a factor of 2.5 within one year. CALB and Gotion still managed a factor of 2.

Among the Korean manufacturers, LGES was able to increase by 70 per cent, according to the portal Pulse News, also thanks to robust sales of the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4. However, as the market has grown faster, LGES has lost market share. SK On was able to double its capacity and landed in fifth place in the ranking with a 5.6 per cent market share. Samsung SDI was “only” able to grow by 50 per cent to 13.2 GWh and ranked sixth with a 4.5 per cent market share.

Another Japanese manufacturer, AESC, entered the top 10 in ninth place, with a market share of 4.2 GWh or 1.4 per cent. Compared to 2020, AESC was able to increase its production capacities by 0.3 GWh. However, large projects in England and France have been announced, which should increase capacity in the coming years.


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