Mitsubishi to launch nine electric and hybrid models by 2028


Mitsubishi plans to introduce 16 new models in the next five years, including nine electric and hybrid models. This is according to a new strategic plan of the Japanese carmaker. One of the models, however, is already known.

In the field of battery-electric models, Mitsubishi is planning a pickup truck, an SUV and two models as part of the manufacturer’s alliance with Renault and Nissan. Details of these alliance models are not yet given, however – they are only covered in a rendering.

The nine (partially) electric models already include the Mitsubishi ASX, for example. This model, which was presented last year, is essentially a Renault Captur (also as a plug-in hybrid) with Mitsubishi branding. The new compact EV Colt is also one of the nine models.

To supply these series with battery cells, the manufacturer plans to invest 210 billion yen (about 1.45 billion euros) by 2030 to procure batteries with a volume of 15 GWh. However, it is not known with which cell suppliers the Japanese company intends to cooperate.

Mitsubishi plans to generate its sales mainly with electric and hybrid cars from 2030 and mainly with BEVs from 2035. Mitsubishi is also reportedly considering a stake in Renault’s electric car division Ampere. However, there are no new statements on this in the communication on the strategic plan.

In the course of the also announced three-year plan, the manufacturer wants to achieve a sales volume of 1.1 million vehicles with an operating margin of seven per cent. However, a concrete share of “xEVs”, which include hybrid cars, plug-in hybrids, battery-electric cars and (in Mitsubishi’s case theoretically) fuel cell cars, is not mentioned. (strategy plan as PDF)


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