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Fuso eCanter: route & mission profile analysis via app


Fuso is now bringing the ‘eTruck Ready’ app from group parent Daimler Trucks to selected European markets for the Fuso eCanter. The application allows potential customers to check whether their application profiles and routes are suitable for the all-electric light truck.

Fuso sees that more and more logistics and transport companies are considering the purchase of an electric truck. What is often lacking, however, according to the Daimler subsidiary, is transparency when getting started with electric transport.

The new app should serve as an orientation aid. Fuso is making the app available free of charge and already ready to use in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, Fuso says.

The app records the real-world driving routes of a conventional vehicle. Fuso says that the app records speed, acceleration and altitude profile along the route. Important parameters such as the load condition and outside temperature can be subsequently added by fleet managers in an individual website. From this data, the program determines the respective range and the expected power consumption of the Fuso eCanter. Fuso says this creates a realistic and meaningful usage profile for customers.

The eTruck Ready app is part of Daimler Truck’s consulting offering. Prospective customers for the Mercedes-Benz eActros have already been able to evaluate the electrification potential of their truck fleet with the help of the applications since 2020. Now the app is also compatible with the 7.5-ton eCanter. Since the launch of the small-series model in 2017, Fuso says it has a good 200 units in use with customers worldwide. Customers feed the experience gained from daily practical use back to Fuso. Earlier this year the company explained that the data will be evaluated and incorporated into the development of the production vehicle. The goal here is that, when the eCanter goes into series production in large numbers within the first half of the decade, it should be even more mature and even more precisely tailored to all customer needs. Until then, further eCanters from the small series are to be successively delivered.

In line with Daimler Trucks’ sustainability strategy, subsidiary Fuso is also aiming to sell only vehicles that are “tank-to-wheel” CO2 neutral in Europe, North America and Japan by 2039. Daimler says that the eCanter is to play an important role in this.


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