Daimler to present the EQE at the IAA

Daimler is planning eight premieres at the IAA Mobility from 7 to 12 September in Munich, five of which are fully electrically powered models. Among them is the electric E-Class counterpart EQE, but also a European premiere of an already presented electric model.

Two years after Daimler showed the EQS as a study at the IAA 2019 (then still in Frankfurt am Main), the slightly smaller sister model EQE is to follow at the new IAA Mobility in Munich – both share the EVA platform, which is only designed for electric drives.

Apart from two teaser images now published by Daimler, little is known about the EQE. A studio shot from diagonally behind shows a curved roofline in the style of the EQS, but the rear overhang appears much shorter. The rear lights are connected by a narrow strip of lights. A shot of the interior shows the EQE interpretation of the Hyperscreen. However, there is no data on this yet. In the EQS, the display glass, behind which several monitors are integrated across the entire width of the interior, is 1.41 metres wide.

Possible drive options are not yet mentioned by Daimler either. What we do know, is that the EQS is available with 245 and 385 kW. The batteries have a usable energy content of 90 or 107.8 kWh.

In addition to the EQE, Daimler plans to show a first battery-electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-AMG as well as a concept car for an electric Mercedes-Maybach, according to the IAA premiere announcement. It is possible that the AMG luxury saloon is the AMG offshoot of the EQS, which has been the subject of speculation for some time.

The European premiere is the EQB, which Mercedes showed in China at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. The SUV is the edgier and more practical counterpart to the EQA and is supposed to offer up to seven seats as an option.

Smart is also showing a show car that is supposed to give a preview of the brand’s new model generation. This will no longer be a small car, but a compact SUV. As is well known, Smart is no longer a pure Daimler brand, but a joint venture with Geely – the vehicles will also be produced in China in the future.

Incidentally, Daimler did not announce the premiere of a concept of the EQG, which was speculated about a few days ago, in the press release. With the EQE, the AMG BEV, the electric Maybach concept and the EQB, Daimler has also only mentioned four of the announced five electric premieres…



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