US car subscription service Autonomy orders 22,790 BEVs

The US electric car subscription service Autonomy has ordered 22,790 electric cars worth around 1.2 billion dollars. The provider, which until now has specialised mainly in Tesla models, has ordered a total of 45 different vehicle models from 17 carmakers – including Tesla again.

The Californian company had recently announced a cooperation with the US car dealer AutoNation to procure 20,000 electric cars from various manufacturers over the next 18 months and expand its range to other US states. Now Autonomy is announcing specific orders for said 22,790 electric cars, spread across 45 models from 17 manufacturers.

The biggest winner of the omnibus order is Tesla with 8,300 vehicles, followed by GM with 3,400, VW with 2,200, Ford with 1,800, Hyundai with 1,640, Kia with 1,500 and Rivian with 1,000 electric cars. Other orders go to BMW, Canoo, Fisker, Lucid, Mercedes-Benz, Polestar, Subaru, Toyota, VinFast and Volvo. For the latter companies, the numbers of units are in the three-digit range, varying between 600 vehicles (Mercedes-Benz and Toyota) and 100 electric cars as the smallest batch size (Canoo, Fisker, Lucid). It is not yet known exactly which models are involved.

All vehicles are to be delivered in the next six to 18 months, according to the announcement – elsewhere Autonomy speaks of the end of 2023, which would be just 16.5 months to be exact. To illustrate the size of the deal, Autonomy calculates that the order for the 23,000 vehicles represents 1.2 per cent of projected US electric vehicle production by the end of 2023. The numbers of units per manufacturer are not randomly chosen, but also correspond to the forecast production figures of each manufacturer, according to Autonomy.

“Tesla was certainly the right launch partner for Autonomy given their dominance in the electric vehicle market today,” says Scott Painter , founder and CEO of Autonomy. “With every automaker going all-in on electric and so many exciting new products coming to market in the next 6 to 18 months, we have placed our fleet order and are excited to expand our subscription lineup and make it easier for consumers to make the transition to electric.” Painter stated that the company was taking delivery of 200 new Teslas every week and planned to increase these numbers further.

Electrek also got hold of some of Autonomy’s selection criteria when asked. For example, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for all models ranged from $26,595 to $122,440. The range of the vehicles (with some exceptions) is at least 250 miles (402 kilometres) and all models have a fully networked telematics system. Other criteria were, of course, the ability to deliver by the end of 2023 and also the residual values: only the models with the highest projected resale values were procured, the company says.


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