Hyvia and Hype want to push hydrogen mobility

Hyvia, a joint venture between Renault Group and Plug, and hydrogen mobility provider Hype have joined forces to "accelerate decarbonised hydrogen mobility." The goal is to lower the cost of H2 and related services.

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According to a press release by the Renault Group, “the partnership covers the entire ecosystem of H2 mobility.” That means it involves supplying decarbonised hydrogen, setting up H2 refuelling stations, and even providing the vehicles.

Concretely, that means that Hyvia will deliver hydrogen to Hype’s filling stations in and around the French capital. The hydrogen will be produced at Hyvia’s plant in Flins, located just west of Paris. It is also where the company assembles its hydrogen refuelling stations, which are available for rent or purchase. In the case of the new partnership, Hyvia will provide two new refuelling stations for the Hype network, though it does not mention whether these are rented out or sold to the H2 taxi provider.

However, it does mention that the first of the two sites will be located on Buc and will go into service this summer.

“Supply of decarbonised hydrogen, hydrogen stations and vans, financing solution: we are accelerating the deployment of hydrogen mobility thanks to this strategic partnership with HYPE, a major player in the H2 sector, zero-emission solutions and hydrogen taxis,” says Nicolas Champetier, CEO of Hyvia.

Lastly, there are the vehicles. According to the press release, Hype will add a minimum of nine Hyvia hydrogen vans to its fleet. Specifically, this will be the Master Van H2-Tech. It will not be used as a taxi, but will be part of the ‘Last Mile program by HYPE.’ Hyvia will finance the vehicles.

“We are very pleased with this partnership, which will enable us to continue to accelerate our deployment in the relevant uses of decarbonised hydrogen mobility,” says Mathieu Gardies, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hype. “We see [Hyvia’s] electric vehicles, which combine the advantages of a reasonably sized rechargeable battery and a hydrogen system, as the most appropriate technological platform for a rational and pragmatic transition to zero-emission mobility.”



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